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Can I change the default quality of a video (uploaded to Canvas)

Hi there, I'm putting together a training course that relies on screen cast videos. 

When I upload the videos directly to Canvas, I've noticed that the default playback quality is 126 kbps. In order to see the detail in the screen cast videos, I need the video to play in at least 190 kbps.

I can make a note for users to change the default playback quality, but is there a way to have to have the video stuck on 190 kbps?

I would like to avoid uploading to youtube/vimeo and embed the video if possible. 

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 @alyson_lamanes , greetings! I did a little research and I don't see where it's possible to change this. My recommendation is to contact the Canvas Help Desk to see if they can help. To do this, click on the Help link and Report a Problem.


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I found that you can increase the quality of a single MP4 by clicking on the star settings button and increasing the playback to high quality feed, but has anyone found the setting in Canvas that allows you to default to playing ALL videos at the higher quality? Thanks

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This is a bit ridiculous... Canvas, can you please provide us with those settings:

1) for each video, set the default quality

2) course-wide, set the default video quality (low, med, high)

I think that it should be high-quality by default on desktops and tablets, and low on mobile devices.

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I wholeheartedly agree. Our organization needs our training videos to be clear, and the text for some of our videos is not clear on the lowest quality settings. Please provide a way for us to make the setting high quality by default.

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Come on, Canvas!  This needs to be done asap.  My students constantly have to change the resolution with EACH AND EVERY VIDEO!   Do they always remember?  Nope.  Do they miss things because they can't see details very clearly?  YES!  

Please make this change a priority soon!  Thank you!  🙂

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I agree with everyone else.  The default value of 167 kbps is laughably terrible.  This is not a usable solution.  I guess I'm stuck with YouTube.

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We use Panopto for recording, editing, storing and sharing videos, and it's much better than Canvas in all aspects.

My understanding is that the storage cost is also much lower on Panopto than Canvas, so it's a double win!

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