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Can I change the order of discussion posts?

I would prefer it if certain discussions were ordered with most recent being at the top and older posts at the end. Anywhere I can change ascending/descending parameter? discussion settings #date control

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @amacleod , I was pretty sure you couldn’t do this, but checked the following guide to confirm - How do I view and sort discussion replies as an instructor? 

I then did a quick search and found the following feature idea -" modifiedtit.... It’s already on product radar, but my recommendation is to vote and comment on it as well. 

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I was taken aback that the idea your post linked to was originally posted in 2015!!! And it's not been acted on despite 162 people agreeing it's a good idea? That's lame... And it doesn't leave much hope for change, does it? I am 1 of 4 participants in a group project. We are supposed to post our every move on the same discussion page. By the later part of the semester, it's going to take more time to scroll down to the "next" post than the actual project work will take. Very frustrating...


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And it is 2020 and that basic feature is still not available.

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Agreed! This should be an option.