Can I convert a CANVAS multiple-choice quiz to BLACKBOARD format?

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Hola Canvas Community,

First of all, thank you for your support.  You guys are great.

Recently, I created a series of multiple-choice quizzes to post on Canvas.  I made them up myself.  Like one question after another.  I like how they work.

Here is my question:

Can I convert these quizzes in a format that I can use on Blackboard.

I am a part-time instructor who works on multiple campuses.

Since, I created the quizzes on Canvas, I have received the opportunity to work on a campus that uses Blackboard.

Please let me know.  Happy New Year.



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According to the documentation -- yes, this is possible. You need your quizzes in QTI format for this to work, but both Canvas and Blackboard support that format. Multiple choice are fairly standard question types so there shouldn't be much surprise.

The one thing I would caution about is whether the questions were entered directly into the quiz or you put them into a question bank and then linked them to the quiz. If you went the linked question bank route, it's a harder job as question banks aren't included in the exports and you need to get the questions into a quiz to export them. Question groups within quizzes are fine, it's only when you link the questions to a question bank and don't include them in the quiz itself that the issue arises.

Here are some links that might help.

Disclaimer: I don't have any direct experience doing this. When I tried to search the Blackboard forums for posts with information (most here is on going the other direction), their forums are down until January 8 as they move.

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