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Can I create some sort of comment macro for assignments?

I have a number of complex assignments that students complete with very predictable errors. I'd like to have macros that I can use to alert them to these errors. I've tried using rubrics with comment boxes, but the dropdown comments I've saved are truncated, so all I get is "Good overall answer, but..." and then the rest is not visible. 

Is there a way to include some sort of list of macros keyed to a particular assignment so I could easily paste a particular comment into the "assignment comments" box? 


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Community Team
Community Team

 @stevec , I've found that PhraseExpress works very well for this.

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stefaniesanders makes a good suggestion. I use a clipboard manager for this same function. A clipboard manager expands the capacity of the clipboard, and many managers let you save and reuse comments. I use arsclip, but there are many clipboard managers available. 

I hope that helps,  @stevec !

New Member

It's not elegant, but I have a MASSIVE Google Doc which contains all the comments I might send back to students about their writing. It would probably 30 or 40 pages printed out, but I'm able to just do Control-F to find whatever I want (I know that "commas us" will take me to "commas used as parentheses" for example etc. etc. etc.), and then copy-and-paste as needed. 

One advantage of this approach is that I can work offline as needed, grabbing a local copy of the Google Doc and proceeding from there.

I spend a solid 20-30 hours per week reading and replying to student work, so this Google Doc is kind of a map of my brain! 🙂