Can I hide the Course Summary on Syllabus Page

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On the syllabus page, in addition to my link to the course syllabus, is a Course Summary.  Is it possible to hide this information?   I am using Canvas for a on-site class.  Most of the items in my grades are Exams, Tests, and other hard copy assignments.  This summary appears to be a list of the dates and times (?) that I posted some grades.  (see screen grab attachment).  It will definitely confuse my students.

Thank you

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The new release on Canvas allows you to turn it off by un-checking “Show Course Summary” checkbox.



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Hello @ingemar_lopez ...

I'm not sure that I'd characterize this a "new" it's been available for quite a while, but you are correct that this can be toggled on/off when editing the "Syllabus" page.  To expand on your posting, folks can also review the section on "Manage Course Summary" within this Guide: How do I edit the Syllabus in a course?.

Hope this will help!

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