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Can I import quiz questions from Blackboard?

I have multiple choice tests in Blackboard that I want to use in Canvas.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Yes you can.  It's been several years since I did it so I don't remember the exact steps, but essentially you need to export the quizzes from Blackboard and them import them in to Canvas.  Here is how to do that 2nd part 

I seem to recall that Blackboard lets you selectively export content, so find that part of Bb and just select the quizzes you want.  You can actually export the entire Bb course and import it into Canvas, but I don't recommend it.  For content it's much better (i think) to create it from scratch in Canvas.  But quiz questions should import very well from Bb.

Good luck,


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Will the import work in new quizzes?

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I tried today and could not get quizzes to see it. I went back to classic quizzes.