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Can I link to an entire Collection in Studio?

I am currently recording my lessons and organizing them by class period. I find myself linking them to the students one by one in my little weekly summary page.


What I'd like to do is just have one link I can put on my main page that takes them to the collection, they can look for the date and just watch the video. It's one more tedious step to wait for it to process, and then link it into the page each time. 

To preempt some advice:

  • No, I don't want to have to type their addresses in and share it all to them one by one. That's a tedious step that I'd like to avoid.


  • No, I don't want to embed my videos and I'm not worried about the lack of analytics.


Thank you!


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Did you ever find out how to share a collection?  I am trying to figure this out, as well!

Hello there, @Brazedowl and @mrsTplus6 ...

I'm not sure if you either of you have found any solutions to this yet, but I thought I would add my $0.02 to this discussion.  My guess...and this is just a that you cannot share a "Collection" of videos from Studio via a link or other means within your course.  Here is why I say that...  When you go to your own Studio library via the "Studio" icon on the left-hand global navigation menu, you are taken to your own library of Studio videos.  The same would apply for a student...he/she is taken to his/her own Studio library.  It's my understanding that Studio is actually built as a LTI external tool, and behind the scenes it is using your school e-mail account to authenticate into the Studio interface.  I'm not sure there is really a way to find a "sharable" link for a Studio "Collection" because this is technically an external tool.  Yes, you can share an entire collection with people via Studio by typing in student names...but if you have many students in your course, I can see why this would be a tedious task.

You might want to consider suggesting this as a Feature Idea here in the Community.  To do that, from any page here in the Community, click on the PRODUCT menu at the top o the page, and then choose IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  Then, click on the "Suggest an idea" button  Here are a few other Guides that might be of help to you as you create your idea:

Sorry that don't have better news for you, but I hope this will help a bit to answer your question.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions...thanks!

What I've been told is that it is a big fat NO!  ha ha!  That's ok.  I'll keep doing what I've been doing.  It's all good.

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Thank you!  That's pretty much what I've found out, too.  I'll just keep plugging along, doing what I've been doing.  Maybe some day there will be an option to do this.