Can I split a module into two modules easily?

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Our district switched from Schoology to Canvas, and it 'dumped' my files into one big module.  I'd like to split it into several modules.  It is already organized in the order I want, I just want it in separate modules for easier navigation.  I have been creating new modules and then manually moving each page down to the new module, but is there a quicker way to do this?  I've tried to 'highlight' several pages under a heading to move them but this doesn't work.  

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There is no multiple selection for dragging and dropping between modules, so you're doing what needs done.

One thing I do when I have to do this is to collapse modules I'm not working on and move the module I am working on to be next to the module I'm moving out of. This could be at the top if the files I'm dragging are near the top of the module or at the bottom if that's closer. I'll fix the order of the modules later.

I also do a two-part sort. I start by dragging all of the items into the correct module. Then I go back later and sort all of the items within the modules. Sometimes, when my master module is too long, I don't even worry about getting them into the correct module at first, I just want to get them into some smaller module so that I can make the dragging process more efficient.

I also use the browser's zoom and zoom out so that I can see more of the modules page at one time.

The premise of the three tricks I gave is that dragging and scrolling is a real pain and if you can drag/drop without having to scroll the page it goes a lot faster.

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