Can I subscribe to a group discussion forum?

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Hi Everyone,

I am experimenting this summer with setting up smaller groups for discussion.  In the past, whenever I have set up discussions, it has been for the whole class, and I can very easily click on the icon in the Discussions section to subscribe to that whole class forum in order to receive email alerts about new discussion posts.

I have recently randomly assigned my students to seven groups, and I set up an extra credit group discussion.  I can see the discussion appearing now when I click on the Discussions link, but I am unable to click on the icon to subscribe to that forum.  I realize that forum is essentially housing seven separate group forums, but is there a way I can easily subscribe to all of these smaller group forums so that I can get email notifications about new posts?  

I hope this makes sense.  I've included a screen shot below as a way of trying to illustrate what I am talking about.  The arrow I have inserted is meant to show the icon that I can normally click to subscribe to the forum; it's not letting me do that this time, and I don't know why.


Thank you!


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Hi Michelle,

Unfortunately the answer is that as an instructor you cannot subscribe to a discussion in a group.  The groups were originally designed for groups of students to go off on their own and work separate from the rest of the course, similar to how students in a f2f environment might break into groups for an exercise and go off to their own corners of the room.  

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