Can I turn off Swipe Left = Previous Page

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When I scroll left a little too much, Canvas takes me to the previous page.  At best this is annoying and at worst has cost me an entire page of typed instructions.  Is there a way to turn this feature off in settings?

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I have had many similar frustrations, but it's not a Canvas setting that is doing this. The MacOS does this based on swiping on a trackpad and I'm going to assume that is what you are using.  I've disabled the function as well.  Linked below is an article that talks about the feature and how to customize or disable it altogether.  I've also included a link from Apple support about how the gestures all work.

Let me know if I missed the mark on this by assuming you are on a Mac.  If you are on Windows I assume the OS has similar settings so the concept of my answer should still be the same.


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