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Can I use Free Canvas to faciliate a large, high stakes exam?


I am working with a team of content experts to design a high stakes exam for students. We are looking for platform on which we can manage all of the results, and Canvas is particularly of interest. For many reasons, however, we are unable to host the exam on our institution's version of Canvas, and it was recommended that we try to offer the exam on Free Canvas

I'm wondering, though, if Free Canvas offers the following:

  • Unlimited number of enrollees
  • Enrollees from a variety of institutions across the country
  • High security such that the integrity of the exam is not compromised (i.e. only students with access to the exam can take it...or in other words, is the information hosted on Free Canvas open access?)
  • FERPA compliance
  • Unlimited number of exams and questions that can be created
  • Ability to download student results for analysis
  • SCORM package integration

Thanks for any help you can provide

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Ariana,

There are no limitations on Canvas Free for Teacher above and beyond any other instance of Canvas.  It is hosted the same way and does not have any special limitations with regards to enrollments, files sizes, etc.  If you can do it with your institution's instance of Canvas you can do it in FFT.  Smiley Happy 

That being said, when it comes to large enrollment, high activity courses in any technology platform, there are naturally limits and best practices you should follow.  I would recommend that you test and research but do not treat FFT any differently than you would a course at your institution.  

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Ariana,

Stefanie Sanders called my attention back to an aspect of your inquiry that I neglected to address (Thanks, Stefanie!).  Our SCORM LTI tool is not available for use on FFT. You could try importing a SCORM package into the course files, but we don't support it if it doesn't work outside the tool.

As a followup to this comment, I just attempted to upload a SCORM package to the course files and, unsurprisingly, the content was not supported. As a double check, I uploaded the same file using the SCORM LTI on my university's version of Canvas and the file was successfully supported. Just in case anyone else was wondering whether it would work on FFT, it seems SCORM packages do not.

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Hi alb422

One thing that  @scottdennis  did not address was your FERPA question.

FFT still displays an Inbox global navigation link. Student users would still be able to identify at least the name of other student users.  And, FFT does not include an admin function, so you cannot turn the permission to message users off. You will want to take that under consideration.


Thanks, Kelley.  Thats a good point as well.



Just displaying classmate names is not particularly a FERPA violation; but since FERPA permits schools to define directory information more restrictively than the regulations, it can be for some schools. This is why I said it must be "considered". School policy is the part that must be considered.