Can Teachers/Course Admins take surveys?

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My school is uses Canvas for our clubs and I am one of the club presidents. Our club has its own dedicated Canvas shell and all officers are given the role of Teacher or Course Admin. We are exploring options for club voting ballots for a hybrid environment, so that club members can attend remotely, but our administration requires that we use Canvas for all club business. At first we decided we would simply make an Ungraded Survey for any ballots, but we discovered that any user with a role like Teacher or Course Admin can't take quizzes and surveys, other than as the Test Student, but there's only 1 Test Student and multiple officers.

Is there a way to allow someone with a role like Teacher or Course Admin to take a quiz/survey? Or do you have suggestions on how to hold votes with the following criteria:

  • Anonymous
  • User validation
    • Prevent multiple votes from the same user
    • Prevent non-members from voting
  • Can be restricted to members attending that meeting (e.g. require a password)
  • Time limit
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Hi @brandonrasaka 

Awesome use of Canvas, and one we used at our school before I retired.

Here is the secret, a user can be enrolled in any course shell more than once, and can have different roles for each enrollment. There is some permission bleed-over, but not in a way that will affect this purpose. Simply re-enroll your officers, then change their role to student for the new enrollment. See this guide lesson, How do I edit user roles in a course?



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