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Can a Powerpoint retain all functionality once embedded?

I usually use Google Slides, as I love the functionality of having it easily embedded as well as updated in real time. However, the course I am designing must be accessible to students who are in countries that do not have access to Google. Therefore, we need to use a Powerpoint. I already know how to embed the Powerpoint on a page, and I know how to ensure that it auto opens.

I have multiple animations in my slideshow which have content appear at different times. I want students to be able to click through it, as the process of clicking through is part of the instruction (Picture using the slides as flash cards). 

My question is this:

Is there a way to embed a Powerpoint that has the exact same functionality as the original file? Right now, I can click between slides, but I can not click item by item to see animations. Please tell me someone has resolved this? I want an embedded Powerpoint to do everything that a linked Google Slides presentation can do. 

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Hi  @kloughrist 

Does your organization have Office365 integration? If so, you should be able to embed following the directions here: How do we embed O365 into canvas page?

In my experience, most PPT functionality transfers using this method.


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We do have O365, but I am not seeing it as an option on the Canvas page. I believe our IT has to add it for us. I have contacted them. I will keep you informed. Thanks so much for your help!

Hi Kate - In January you mentioned you were going to check with your local IT about the PowerPoint embedding in Canvas. What did you learn? If you have a few minutes to share an update, that would be awesome. For now, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered" but it won't prevent you or anyone else from commenting. Smiley Happy

I actually have this same question.  I don't think it was answered because the earlier answer was to use microsoft. We are all google so I would greatly appreciate an answer to this question. Thanks!

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I need to know the answer to this too.  We don't have O365.  I don't think it was answered.

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You can try this: 

Just trying to help. Solution without resorting to Google or OneDrive or O365 is to:

1. Insert the file.

2. Select the file link.

3. Select Link options.

4. Automatically open in-line preview.