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Can a rubric for assignment grading be set up to so that criterion can be scored complete/incomplete?

Can a rubric for assignment grading be set up to so that criterion can be scored complete/incomplete?  I do not want to assign points to the ratings, if possible.



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One way I can think of to do this is to have two ratings for each criteria:

  • 0 = incomplete
  • 1 = complete

The definition of each rating would define what the meaning, i.e. "Complete" or "Incomplete".

This would provide you and the student with a quick checklist.

You can then use a grading scheme to represent a complete or incomplete grade in the gradebook, based on any requirement that you may have that the student "complete" (n) number of criteria.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @heidi1 ​...

I think  @garth ​ has provided a great solution for you here.  One other idea I had was to use Outcomes to accomplish something similar (pretty sure stefaniesanders​ helped me a while back with a similar situation).  I now use this approach when I have a single rubric that has both criteria that have have points and a met/not met (complete/not complete) requirement.  The problem I ran into was that I might have a few rows where the points were something like 5, 4, 2, 0 but then I also had some met/not met criteria.  Using the met=1 and 0=not met values would add additional points to the rubrics I was building for the instructor that were not intended when the instructor designed the assignment.  So, Outcomes were the next best solution.

When you make a new outcome in your "Outcomes" screen, you could make something similar to what is displayed here...


Once you have made your outcome(s), you would go back to the rubric to insert the outcome(s) via "Find Outcome" into the rubric.  But, when you find your outcome from your list, make sure that "Use this criterion for scoring" is deselected.  This will insert the outcome like this example:


When it comes time to grading, you can still use the SpeedGrader for grading, but it's not actually going to score it, because there technically isn't any points possible in the "Pts" (total) column of the rubric.

The one downside that I've run into with using Outcomes in this way is that each criterion takes longer to create (first in the "Outcomes" screen and then insert into the Rubric).  So, Garth's suggestion is definitely the easier way to go...especially if you only have a rubric using met/not met or complete/not complete throughout.  But, if you have a combination of points and met/not met in the same rubric, you might want to consider what I've outlined above.

Hope this is helpful, Heidi.

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Thanks Garth.  This is how I've been doing it and I just assumed there was a better way, but it sounds like this is the way to go.