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Can a teacher manually add a student to a canvas course?

I am currently waiting for some paper work that will eventually get me in the class anyways, but for the time being, can I be manually added to a course using my school e-mail registered with canvas? My school's admin might take a week before I get the go signal to register for a class but since classes have already begun, I have found a nice professor who is willing to add me in given how late it is. Please let me know. Thank you!

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Community Coach

Hello @christianme ...

The answer to your question will really depend on what permissions your school's local Canvas administrator (or the people who administer Canvas at your campus) have configured.  For example, some schools do not allow instructors to manually enroll the school has an automated process to handle all enrollments.  Local Canvas administrators may also be able to manually enroll you in a course, but that is a conversation you'll need to have with people at your school.  I would recommend that you reach out to your school's local Online Learning/eLearning department right away so they can help you with this issue.  Good luck to you!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.