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Can an instructor turn off student notifications for a course?

Is it possible to turn off notifications for my students in my course settings?  I know the students can turn off their own notification settings in their individual accounts, but I want to set the course itself to not send out notifications. 

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I definitely appreciate allowing a user to turn off notifications to themselves, but I'd still find it useful to allow an instructor to mute all student/observer/etc. notifications for a course. I'm an archivist/librarian who teaches lots of class sessions using primary sources. 

Since the pandemic has begun, we've set up a Canvas 'course' for my library. We use it to create assignments and modules, and upload or embed documents (including some we can't make publicly available on our website because of copyright concerns). We don't use our own site to teach from; we build the modules/assignments there and then copy them over to a professor's site for their class when needed. Having our own site allows us to maintain control over our own content and modify/reuse it for multiple classes if needed, rather than having various things saved in (or disappear from) different professors' courses.

Multiple librarians are assigned to our course; some - like me - are creating assignments, while others are just observers since they don't work with classes, but need to know what topics/collections we discuss. Since there are no students and no due dates, notifications aren't really necessary at all, so what I end up doing each time I add a new 'observer' is having to explain how they, individually, can turn off all notifications.

I hope this makes sense, and provides another use case (librarians creating/maintaining content of their own) for you!

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Did you figure out how to work and change items in modules as a teacher without constant notifications to students? 

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I have found that a useful approach is to make a new module in another Canvas course,  then I put all the content I want into it and then import this module to my other course. All the content comes in at once. You can then move it around in the course if you wish.


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If a system administrator is adding the librarians to the course, they could of course run a script to set all of the user's notifications to be off using the 

Update a preference


Getting all of a user's communication channels and notification settings are easy, see 

the program from:

you can run it with: self

One could adapt this to do the set of the preferences to never for all the desired types of notifications and communication channel

It doesn't seem like such a simple change should be so difficult.