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Can anyone recommend a handwriting recognition app/website/tool that embeds in Canvas?

I would like to get students to take handwritten notes with stylus and tablet for an assignment. I would really like those notes to then be converted into text so that they can be shared amongst the class without students complaining about not being able to read others' handwriting and/or the lack of anonymity.

Does anyone currently do this within Canvas? If so, how? Is there an integration about which I am unaware?


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The best I've found is this: MyScript Developer | The Power of Handwriting

Their code is used by Khan Academy, Note Plus, and naturalForms.

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There is an LTI tool for Microsoft's OneNote Class Notebook, and it might do what you want. Be aware that it looks amazing and nifty at first, and it sucks you in. Then, you discover that It is super clunky. Just today, I decided to give up on it as being more trouble than it is worth. I doubt Microsoft will be hiring me as a salesperson anytime soon, but here are some links in case you are interested in the OneNote LTI integration with Canvas:

OneNote Class Notebook

Integrate OneNote Class Notebook with an LMS

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Thanks,  @dhulsey ​; a colleague promotes MS at every opportunity, but there is something I just don't like about SharePoint, OneNote, etc. - I think it looks cluttered, whereas the Canvas platform is really appealing: clear and colourful. I rate it highly in terms of UX - and this Community also helps that enormously.

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That's a fair analysis. Like I said, I gave up on the OneNote integration, and I agree part of that is the chaos that ensues in OneNote when I have one folder for each student in OneNote and sixty students in a class. Smiley Happy


Depending on the tablet/OS being used, a number of them have a handwriting input built into the system.  So the user uses their stylus to input text and the system converts it to text, which is then stored in Canvas.  No need for a third-party integration.  I haven't used any of these, but here are some examples:

MyScript Stack - Handwriting Keyboard on the App Store

Google Handwriting Input - Android Apps on Google Play

A closer look at Windows Ink | Windows Experience Blog

Bamboo Spark Now Supports Handwriting to Text Conversion | Wacom

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If you are looking for Handwriting MATH you can use WIRIS EDITOR.
Easy to set up in Canvas since there is a an External Apps for Canvas (LTI integration)wiris_editor_math_canvas_handwriting.png