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Can non-students get an instructor account?

While I found a robust discussion of the fact that a student account can't access Commons, the real question is whether or not there is anything to prevent a non-teacher from getting a Canvas instructor account. Reportedly, Free for Teachers, did not prevent this - opening Commons to non-teachers obtaining - and using - teacher credentials. Is this true? IF this is an old problem that has since been resolved, how is that possible? While I completely understand that the nature of modern technology is such that everything will eventually be "out there", that does not mean that we should not take measures to prevent that from happening. Before we abandon Canvas for the sharing of resources that should be restricted to instructors, I thought I'd confirm the current status of Commons. Thanks!

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Are you working on a Free For Teachers Canvas instance or your own institutional instance?  

For an institutional instance, you can limit that anyone using a Free for Teachers Canvas account would not be able to view items shared but limited to your own instance. 

If you're on an institution instance I would encourage that you or your admin reach out to your CSM at instructure.  



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Again, the question is "Can non-students get an instructor account?" This has nothing to do with the instance I work in, the type of account I have, or any institutional matter.

1. Can a non-instructor get an instructor account via Free For Teachers?

2. If the answer to #1 is yes, are such accounts prevented from accessing Commons?

If the answer to #1 is yes and #2 is no, then Commons is not a safe place to share instructor-only resources. I had already concluded that this was a fatal flaw with respect to sharing resources via Commons, but before we formally abandoned Canvas for such things, I thought it only right to confirm. Thanks!