Can one combine an emoji classroom and interactive buttons on a home page

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I want to use buttons on my home page, while making my homepage a Bitmoji classroom page. I know you can add link on the Bitmoji page, but I want to link it to the ones already in CANVAS, such as Assignments, Modules, and others.

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Community Team

Each location in your Canvas course has a unique URL. If you copy that link, the buttons will direct students to that part of your Canvas course. I worry about this approach because if/when you make a duplicate of your course in the future, all of those links would need to be manually added.

I know that the Bitmoji Classrooms are really popular right now, but what would happen if you created a classroom banner without buttons inside of it? It could be the top portion of your screen and be really welcoming! Then, below, you could add a row of buttons that would redirect within your course. You could then use the Content Selector within the Rich Content Editor to bring you to all of the spaces within your course. I think it would be a lot easier to manage. Smiley Happy

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