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Can prerequisite assignments have an expiration date?

I'm setting up my course using modules, with each module being a prerequisite for the next.  I have assignments in each module that need to have submission deadlines, and I don't want to allow late submissions.  What happens if I make completion of that assignment a requirement for the module?  As long as students complete the assignment things should be fine, but what happens when a student does not?  Are they locked out of ever moving on to the next module?  Or does the requirement go away once the assignment is no longe available?  Perhaps the solution is to allow late submissions but not give them credit?  Any insight would be appreciated.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @peter_beyersdor -

When setting an assignment to be a requirement in a module, you can't automatically have it "excuse" those who didn't complete it. However, I wonder if you could change the module requirement to "submit" or "score at least" to just "view" after a certain amount of time. That way, you don't have the block of late work. It's not automated, but it may be a faster solution as changing that is a few clicks.

Alternatively, I like the idea of still requiring your students to submit the work, even if it's for minimal credit. It emphasizes how important the learning experience is for the course. Even if you don't provide credit, you can see where they are and provide feedback.