Can rubric ratings be deleted without deleting the criteria?

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I've created a rubric with several criteria. One of the criteria has five ratings. I would like to change this to three without recreating the criteria.

Is there a way to delete individual ratings from a specific criteria? 

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Yes, you can easily edit your rubric. You can add, delete, or edit your criteria. You can change the numbers of points for each one. You can change performance descriptors. You can even do all this while you are grading a set of assignments if you find that something doesn't work. (I've done it before!)

If you are in the middle of grading work, you will have to go back and readjust points as needed. 

To make changes, just click on the little pencil marks.

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Hi @KimWhiteside 


I will add to what @SusanNiemeyer has said by providing a link to the guide that will show you how: How do I add a rubric in a course?

In short, though, when you hover over a rating box in the rubric, a small trashcan icon will display, and you know what trashcans are for!


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