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Can student comments in gradebook be coded with a unique color so they are not lost in the noise of notifications?

As of now, comments in gradebook are stuffed into notifications. As an instructor there's a lot of material in those updates or digests. I'm wondering if we can get the gradebook to color highlight an assignment in which there's a student comment to look at with a unique color (like is done with late submissions)? 

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I have to agree that this would be a great addition to have in the notification digests. One particular situation stands out for me, which is graded discussion posts. When I create a discussion topic that students are required to respond to, every post, including the required one, is labeled as a response. Sometimes, I will comment on a student's post in SpeedGrader and occasionally ask that student a question. In the notification digest, it's impossible to see if a student has responded to my question, because there's no way to tell when students are posting their required response, responding on the discussion board to another student's posting, or responding in SpeedGrader to the question I've asked - they're all simply labeled as Responses. And with some 75 students, it's not worth the time it would take to click in the digest to view each of these, since the vast majority are the required responses, which I can much more easily see in the Gradebook.

Sadly, I suspect that the only way to get Instructure to improve their notifications is to put the request up for a vote, but I suspect that there won't be enough interest for it to get the number of votes necessary for it to be acted upon.