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Can students immediately see the correct answer on a quiz?

I have an ungraded quiz with several T/F questions. Immediately after students select T or F, I'd like the general comment box to appear to let them know more information about why it's T or F. However, I can only figure out how to make these boxes appear after the quiz is complete. The comments are the point of the quiz, so I don't want to risk students not reading these details and simply skipping to the next task. I'd rather them get immediate feedback. Is there a way to do this in canvas?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @natalee_desotel ...

As far as I know, "real time" feedback like you are describing is not possible in quizzes.  Feedback is available once the quiz has been submitted by the student.  I found a couple discussion topics here in the Community that might be of interest to you:

Immediate feedback in quizzes, one question at a time 

I hope this helps, Natalee.