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Can subfolders or sub categories of Media be created?

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Community Coach

Hello  @michael_barsant ...

I'm not real clear on your question.  Where do you want to create folders and sub-folders?  What "Media" are you talking about?  By chance, are you using Canvas Studio?  Is that what you are referring to as "Media" and wanting to create folders and sub-folders in there?  If you could please fill in some of the missing details, that would be helpful...thank you.

Not sure this is what the OP is thinking, but when I think of sub-folders I look at my situation. Last year I taught all Grade 8, so I just put videos in by unit (Solving Equations, Pythagorean Theorem). This year I also teach 7th grade, so I have a new 7th-grade folder. However, that has every topic I've taught to 7th grade because I want to keep 7th grade separate from 8th grade. I would love an 8th Grade folder and a separate 7th Grade folder in Studio that stored each unit videos.

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Yes "Collections". I currently have a Collection of 7th-grade videos. I would love to be able to have "Sub-Collections" inside that 7th-grade Collection for each unit. 

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@jsellers1 ...

That sure would be a nice feature of Studio, wouldn't it.  I would support such a request.  I looked at existing Feature Ideas here in the Community, and I came across this one that seems to be exactly what we are looking for:

Studio Folders within Folders. - Instructure Community (

So, you might want to give it a star rating and also leave a comment as to why sub-folders within Studio would be important to that the folks at Instructure know we'd like to see this implemented.

Hope this helps a bit.