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Can't Save Studio Videos

When I try to do a screen recording, I get this error message once I finish recording and try to save.

Error. Host in basic.upload.request.url doesn't match site in partner info!


partner site:

How do I resolve this?

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Did you find a solution? I have the same problem

No, I still haven’t found an answer. I’ll update if I figure it out.

This might fix it?

I don' t know if this will help you, but I went to the apps in my settings (I have Windows 10). I uninstalled the screen recorder that had an icon that looked like the one for Canvas Studio (a white & red button). I went back to Canvas Studio and redownloaded and reinstalled the Canvas Studio recorder. It gave me an odd message saying I needed to go to the Microsoft store to look for an app, but while I was hesitating, I got a pop-up from Canvas Studio saying it was ready.

Works now, but the icon is odd (looks like the transparent recording box) in my sys tray.

Hope I didn't delete anything important, but at least it seems to be working?  Spoken like a true humanities person.... 😛

Hope that helps?

Thanks, that did the trick.  I have used the free version of screencast o matic for years, and so I had old apps downloaded that seemed to be conflicting with the Canvas download.  Once I deleted all of the old versions in my app settings and redownloaded from Canvas it cleared up the issue.  I also learned in doing this that you could just bypass the error message and still upload your video.  You just have to click the x when it asks you if you want to keep your video instead of clicking "keep" or "delete".  Then it just closes that dialogue box and takes you to the upload screen.