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Can't access assignments in my sandbox. Do I have too many?

I have used Canvas A LOT over the past 8 years and have a LARGE number of assignments in my Canvas Sandbox.  When I try to access my assignments in my Canvas Sandbox, I get the "spinning wheel" while Canvas is trying to load the assignments.  Then, I get a message that says, "Page Unresponsive.  You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page."  I can't do anything except exit Canvas as my assignments never finish loading so that I can open/view them.  I would like to go in and delete some obsolete assignments, but I can't even do that.  

Can anyone advise?  I don't want to have to create another Sandbox and lose the assignments I have in my original Sandbox.

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Community Coach

Hi @MelissaBowling 

I went back to my first course in Fall of 2012, then checked several others from the 12/13 academic year - both concluded courses and not concluded courses, and I could not reproduce your error.

Have you submitted a support ticket?

Have you tried your school's Beta and Test instances of Canvas?

I am at a loss to help you,


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I have the exact same issue, also in my sandbox course. I tried deleting the larger files from the Files link but still have the same issue on the assignments page.