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I would like to access beta to try to recover a syllabus that disappeared. How does it work for a url that looks like this:

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Hi @burak_tunca 
Every institution using Canvas has a URL for their Canvas environment that is in the format where xxx is the name of the institution. The URL you've quoted there is what's sometimes called a "vanity" URL - an alternative version of your Canvas URL that's been created to be easier for your users to remember. To get to your beta environment you need to know your main Canvas URL (rather than the vanity URL) and add the word "beta" to it.
It looks like you're at Lunds University so I would guess that your institution's Canvas URL is and if that's correct then your beta environment would be
If that doesn't work, log a call with Instructure support through the help menu in Canvas and they will be able to tell you the correct URL

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