Can't get Google Assignments installed

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We have an instance of Canvas installed on a third-party hosting site. We've gotten a request to install Google Assignments for use in courses. We were sent this link with install instructions:

We do have admin access to the server. Going through these steps, we do not see anything under Development Keys->Inherited, including Google Assignments. If we try to add the Client ID under Step 2 (adding app), I get the error message "could not find an LTI configuration for client ID." This page:

says that this means an LTI key must be configured. However, the info on the page on how to configure an LTI key...

has configuration methods that requires info about Google Assignments that I don't see anywhere in the first page I linked.

So I'm stuck and would really love some pointers. Thanks and sorry if I'm missing something, I am new to Canvas administration.

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