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Can't swipe consistently in Canvas Teacher App speed grader

I occasionally would have trouble getting the screen to swipe, but now it's almost impossible. I have to select "Done" after each student which defeats the "speed" part of speed grader. Also, there are annotation tools on the top of some assignments which I can select and unselect to override the lack of swipe (it then works) but they are not on all assignments. 

I hope this is an error as this was one of my favorite features as it really expedited my posting of grades.


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Yes, sorry. I finally figured that out. It is a slight pain, but it works.

I wish that custom colors could be stored, but at least I can grade one question at a time.

Thanks  @acgottfr  and  @ahenschel !!!

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Still an issue.  I bought an iPad so I could annotate papers.  If I tap the + to put in a decimal score, the Speedgrader freezes up and I have to tap Done and reenter the grader.  If I put the whole number part of the score in with the slider and then tap on the score and add the .5, it doesn't freeze up.  Has taken me 4 weeks and WAY too many hours to figure this out.  Please share!

Has been an issue for me despite m multiple updates and is why I prefer using SpeedGrader through a browser. On the iPad it takes way too much time to click Done, wait second to be taken back to the grading screen, then more to be taken back into SpeedGrader.

Please fix this Instructure...

 @sadenniston ‌ and  @dhill1 ‌

I think that I had that issue too (you know, ten years ago in March of 2020?).

What I do is use the iPad for written comments (especially for Latin exams where I am doing a lot of markup involving comments and circles and arrows, etc.), but I also have my laptop open and enter the numerical grade in the browser window.

Thank you for reminding me of this. I'm right now extolling the virtues of the iPad for language teaching to my colleagues, so I need to warn them about this additional hitch.

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Feb 2021:  Yep, used to work. Now I have to uncheck the pen icon after I'm done grading a student's lab, and then I can swipe to the next student ( I used to be able to swipe from any place on the screen, but now I have to swipe at the top near the person's name). I'm using a 12,9" iPad Pro 2nd Gen.