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Can we create instructional overlays?

My school district is utilizing CanvasLMS. Currently the teachers are creating their own pages based on the training that they have received. As teachers get more proficient in utilizing the system, they will be adding their own style to their syllabus/home page. Is there a way for us to create instructional overlays to make sure that students are able to utilize the system to its fullest?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @rmeyer3 .  Just for clarification, do you envision the student entering their class and being able to see the syllabus/homepage, and then a semi-transparent layer would appear with instructions for the student on how to navigate the course . . . or something different?  

While someone here may have tried something similar, I am also going to share your question with the‌ in case someone in the group has insight on whether this can/cannot be accomplished currently.

Best wishes!

Yes exactly what I'm envisioning. That way each teacher can personalize how the students can access the information on their page (for example, my classes are set up so that the students scroll down to click on the image links for the pages with the unit we are teaching, while another teacher may use modules instead)

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That would be pretty interesting if it could be done Rebecca.  I can't say that I have seen this in a Canvas class before but look forward to hearing if anyone has found a way to do something similar.  Although not what you are looking for, if it can't be done I am wondering if some of the code snippets that  @kmeeusen  put together in the Canvas Commons course "Do Not Fear the Code" may be helpful.  If you haven't used the Commons, this document would be good to review,‌  There are some HTML examples for pop-up dialog boxes, popovers, etc.

Great thank you! I'll check it out

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Hi  @rmeyer3  Welcometo the Canvas Community! I think there are actually going to be multiple answers to this question so I am going to change it to a discussion. 

This sounds somewhat similar to these resources. I wonder if any of the information there will shed some light on the subject for you.
Is there really no way to apply a style sheet to a specific course?

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