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Can we grant teachers public access to all courses?

One of my school administrators is asking if there is a clean and easy way to allow all users with the Teacher role to view any course that we have on our system. She is interested in promoting innovation and collaboration by increasing transparency.

Is there an easy way to do this, short of actually enrolling every teacher in every class? That seems administratively unwieldy.

Any thoughts?

Roger Wistar
The Hotchkiss School

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Community Champion

I can think of several ways to do this, most of which raise concerns about too much access and/or privacy issues. For example, you could give all teachers admin rights or make all courses public, neither of which I'd advise. Even enrolling every teacher in every class would give them access to student information and grades for the course, which seems questionable.

Although this is not "easy" per se, I would recommend looking into Commons, if you're not already using it, and having your teachers all share their courses to Commons (shared with your institution only, if that's your preference). Other teachers could preview the content or download it to their own courses if desired.

Community Team
Community Team

rwistar,  @tdelillo ​ has given you some good advice and a good suggestion--but there might be others, and since no one is likely to stand out as uniquely "correct," I've flipped the format of your post to a discussion. I've also shared this question with the Canvas Admins​ group, whose members are likely to have specific knowledge about how to accomplish what you're after.

Community Contributor

The Course visibility options in the course settings might give you some more options.  I don't think you can limit to just teachers but, you could limit it to "visible to Authenticated users". It would have to be set by individual course (there is probably a way to do them all with the api if you have admin privileges). Then it could show up in a public list that people could view.

Community Champion

Hi rwistar

As has already been mentioned, giving all teachers account-level admin access poses security and confidentiality problems, but you could consider creating a custom account-level role for all your teaching staff. Users enrolled in this new role would be able to see all courses in the sub-account where the role is created but you could limit the permissions so that functions such as marking work, viewing grades etc are not available.

See this page for more details on custom roles: How do I create account-level roles?