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Can we lock email notification settings for users so that students always receive assignment notifications for example?

Our institution is trying to ensure students automatically receive email notifications relating to assignments for example. At the moment students can amend their settings so they receive email notifications immediately, daily, weekly or never. Can we lock this setting down so there are no cases of students saying they didn't receive an assignment notification?

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @laurence_kenned .  This question comes up from time-to-time.  The most recent I can find is this:

Can student notification settings be locked by an admin? 

The fact that this can't be done on the front end hasn't changed, but it is interesting to read the insight from those who replied about their own experiences and what they do at their institutions.

Best wishes!

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @laurence_kenned , there isn’t a way on the front end of Canvas to lock down these settings, but I’m pretty sure there is a way via the API to adjust the settings the way you want. That wouldn’t keep them that way, but there might be a way via some programming to make it work. This goes beyond my level of expertise so I’m sharing this with the Canvas Developers‌ group in the Community to see if they can help. 


Community Team
Community Team

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