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Can you assign "non-group" assignments to a pre-defined group of students?

I have searched and so far all I get in information for group assignments, when students work collaboratively in a group.  My question is different and, perhaps, the Canvas terminology is different than I am used to.  In Moodle, I used to be able to make a subset (a group) of students in my classes that received modified versions of certain assignments and tests.  When I would make those assignments and tests, I could simply select the group name and assign to it.  Only the students in that group could see the modified assignment and tests on their course page.  For everybody else outside that group, it was invisible.

Currently, the only way I can figure out to achieve something similar is for each modified assignment, typing in and selecting each individual student to have it assigned to them.  It is monotonous and time consuming.  I am looking for a way to quickly assign the item to the group members at once.

I hope my explanation makes sense.

Thank you for your time! 🙂

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Community Team
Community Team

 @brigwald , as you've noted, "group" has a specific connotation in Canvas: groups and group activities are designed to be collaborative, which is why creating a group in a Canvas course also creates a dedicated group space where members can work together on projects and assignments.

On the assumption that your school allows instructors to create sections, you could use sections for this purpose. That will allow you to use the differentiated assignments functionality to assign to the section or sections of your choice. How do I edit sections for an enrollment in a course? provides the instructions for that. Once those are set up, How do I assign an assignment to a course section? shows how to assign an assignment to one or more sections.

Some have expressed the desire to create a specific collection of students that exists outside of the group/section structure: 

Hope this helps a bit, Brian.

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Thank you.  Sections are district manage and could reek havoc with our gradebook, having students in multiple sections at the same time.  We are currently trying to figure out how we will use only the Canvas gradebook, while offering modified instruction for certain students.  

I was afraid of that,  @brigwald . Sorry I couldn't be of more help with this. I hope our members can provide a creative solution.