Can you attach two files to an assignment and turn it in?

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I have a teacher trying to have students attach an image and then also attach a file from the google drive.  It does not do both when the students submit.  Is this possible, or does the student have to submit the assignment once then go back and submit again with the other file?

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Hi  @jacobsens  - Let me make clear we are not a "Google" institution, so I can't speak of this from first-hand knowledge, but my years of looking around this Community and going through documentation indicates that the answer is indeed "no" once Google Drive is involved. This is pointed out, in fact, in the blue-colored area in the notes at the top of the student's online guide to submitting a Google Drive assignment:

In Google Drive assignments, you can only submit one file for your submission.

You may also be interested in voting up this Feature Idea: .

Outside of Google Drive, of course, the answer would normally be "yes," as students should generally be able to submit multiple files for one assignment, as shown under the Add File heading in this online lesson from the student's guide.  But alas, once Google Drive is involved that appears to be no longer the case.

Hope this helps a bit, Scott.

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