Can you change the overall background color in CANVAS to something other than white?

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I have a black background on google, outlook, etc and was wondering if it was possible to have a different background color in CANVAS.  Not necessarily a "theme".  A darker color would be preferable if possible.  I find it's easier on the eyes for prolonged use.

Something that doesn't involve detailed code would be best.  A setting or something would be ideal.  If not, maybe something to consider for an update in the future?


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@PhillipMale There is not currently a Canvas feature to change the theme to a "dark mode" like display. 

I am not sure if any of the dark modes that can added or are built into some computers now work or not with Canvas.  From reading other post about this, it looks like none of the browser plugins change the background like you want so that would not help.  That said, there is a feature request for this that you might consider weighing in on.

Dark Theme/Dark Mode for Canvas - Instructure Community


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