Can you use Google Hangouts/Meet with Conference??

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Hey gang, does anyone know where to find resources on running classes using conferences and using Google Meet/Hangouts for learning ...  A teacher has reached out and is asking for assistance.

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 @kswise ‌,

Hello! The conference part of Canvas specifically connects to Big Blue Button. I have been using googlemeet‌. I just post the link for the Google Meet under the announcements on Canvas. I know some teachers have a link for office hours each day that students can hop on and ask questions. 

I would direct your teacher to the Google Hangouts Meet LTI‌; lots of helpful features in that article.

But honestly, the simplest method is to just create your own url using the Google Meet address The bold text is what would be unique to that teacher's class meet/conference. For example, one I created for my 1st period students was I hyperlinked text for my 1st period students using the corresponding url, students then clicked on the text to access the Google Meet. And they are reusable. 

I have attached an image below of how I set it up in Announcements on Canvas. 

Google Meet Announcement

Please let us know if you have any further questions. All the best! Smiley Happy

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