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Can you use the SIS in a cross listed course?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sschatzke , I'm not an expert on cross-listing, but I'm not sure if I understand your question. How are you wanting to use the SIS with the cross-listed course?

I'm also going to share this with the Canvas Admins‌ and Canvas Developers‌ groups in Canvas to see if they can help. They work more with the technical back-end side of Canvas and should be able to help!


Community Member

Hi, thanks for your reply. 

If a teacher crosslists their class will they still be able to synch grades with Skyward? 


Community Member

I am also interested in this possibility. My gut reaction is to say "yes." I have yet to test it. We have an updated SIS (PowerSchool) and I think it is going to make grade pass back much easier. I attended a Canvas session in NC that detailed how Instructure has built it's own internal solution to make the process work with PS. I am not sure how this impacts Skyward but I would assume their are similar protocols. 

We are in a trust account and I am hoping to cross list course sections and have them populate our course enrollments and handle the grade pass back. Fingers crossed!

Community Team
Community Team

 @sschatzke ‌, we haven't heard back from you in a while, so we're hopeful that you have by now discovered the answer to this question. Have you contacted your school's Canvas admin to see how (or if) they have set up cross-listing and grade passback to Skyward? Thanks.