Cannot preview my test

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I finished my multiple choice and short answer exam. When I click on Preview, I get an error message that says "Something went wrong. Please try again."

I have done the following and still get the error message:

  • logged out of Canvas and then logged back in --> same error message
  • Quit Chrome, then re-opened it and logged back in to Canvas --> same error message
  • Cleared my Chrome browser cache --> same error message
  • Published the exam --> same error message

I am using Chrome on a Mac computer. My test is in 3 hours and I need to preview the questions.

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I figured out the problem. 

I had inserted images by just copying and pasting them into the question window - not by clicking on "insert picture" icon and then choosing the file from my computer. When I removed those questions, I could preview the test and when I inserted the images properly, I could preview the test.

So - just because Canvas allows something during test building, that doesn't mean it will work in the final product.

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