Cannot see Statistics for my quiz (sad panda)

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In my subject we have about 1300 students (first year).

Hence we use online quizzes for assessment (about 15 questions, multiple choice).

We run the first assessment, went to check the statistics and got a sad panda instead.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 12.46.03 pm.png

First, it does not explain why it cannot provide statistics.

Then looking in the forum I read somewhere

For optimum course performance in the Canvas interface, quiz statistics will only generate for quizzes with 100 or fewer unique questions or 1000 total attempts. For instance, a quiz with 200 questions will not generate quiz statistics. However, a quiz with 75 questions will generate quiz statistics until the quiz has reached 1000 attempts. Results greater than these maximum values can be viewed by downloading the Student Analysis report and viewing the CSV file.

I guess that's the reason but come on, it's 2021. How computationally demanding can it be to get statistics for N=1300? Even N=10,000. And when you have many students then it's exactly when you need to rely on summary statistics.

Yes I can download the excel reports, but the whole point of providing statistics is to save my time.

I don't want to spend extra time to download and understand how the data is formatted, then write some code to get the statistics.

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Hi @mariofiorini 

You could review Idea Conversations, and add your comments and support to a conversation for the expanded capabilities you are looking for. I remember seeing several over the years. If you can't find exactly what you want, you can create a new idea conversation.

Good luck,


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