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Canvas API course sections does not return students when included

Hi there,

I am trying to get a list of all the students in all the sections connected to a course using the Canvas API. However, I cant seem to workout how the 'include[]' param should work. When using the following bash command:


curl http://canvas.docker/api/v1/courses/1/sections\?include\[\]\=students -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"


I only get a list with the keys shown in the screenshot.


Also when trying other include[] values stated in, nothing seems to get me more information. The access token is taken from the admin account and there is a student connected to the section. What could I be doing wrong?


Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

you might want to put your request URL in quotation marks and leave out the escape characters instead. If you want to include several different options, use the include[]=... again by adding a new argument:

curl "<API_URL>/api/v1/courses/1024?include[]=teachers&include[]=term&include[]=concluded" -H "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>"

Works for me.

kind regards,