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Canvas App Slides Embedded Hyperlinks Not Working


I am trying to use the Canvas Student iPad App in the latest version with a Google Slides Presentation that is embedded on the page with hyperlinks. The embedded Slide works perfectly. However, the hyperlinks in the Slide are not clickable in the iPad App (they work on the Chromebooks and Windows machines).  Am I doing something wrong or does the app not support hyperlinks?

Thanks for any help!

Jen S.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @schjen -

This was a Known Issue that was resolved with Canvas Student 6.9.3.

[iOS] Student | Hyperlinks don't work in embedded ... - Instructure Community  


I tested this today with an embedded slide, and I'm working with iOS15 and Canvas Student 6.13.2. Is your device and is your app up-to-date?

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Thank you for the information! I will check to be sure I have things updated in the iPads to the newest versions. I appreciate it!