Canvas App on iPad and iPhone issues

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My iphone and ipad aren’t updating inbox messages and assignments...(both of the apps are updated)

i am only able to “refresh” it by closing the app each time..

browser on pc is also displaying old items from the to do list.. and the “student union” items that I have disabled from view within the calendar..any solution?


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It sounds like two different issues here.

Notifications badges on iOS can sometimes lag behind what you see on the web or based on a recent action (ex: reading an inbox message), so this may be the issue on why it's not always in sync. 

I would suggest you reach out to your local tech support to take a closer look at each issue. If they can't figure it out then they can create a Canvas support ticket to see if it's an app issue. 

My only other suggestion is to make sure you are using the latest version of the Canvas Student app. 

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