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We have been on Canvas for a couple years with restricted Commons (i.e. we have it set to allow content for our institution only).  We are starting to have an issue with faculty adding content for their own private use, which defeats the purpose of Commons.  We suspect that it is faculty who don't understand how to copy their content from one class to another, so they put it in Commons so they can download it into the next class.  Many of the items are marked private, and even top level admins cannot view this content (which makes no sense -- we should be able to see everything).

Question:  If I remember correctly, there is a setting to require approval before items can be added to Commons.  Where is this setting, and what effect does it have on content already in Commons?  Is there a flag for admins that lets us know when something needs to be approved?  Or how does this work?


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Hey, Kate!

It looks like this article might help you: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-17547-42141127045 

Keep me posted!


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