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Canvas Creating Multiple Folders for Google LTI Assignments

Hello all. We are using Blueprints, as well as the  Google Docs Cloud Assignment LTI. 

When the blueprint pushes out all the google doc assignments out to the daughter courses, we go into each version of the course, open up each assignment, that way we have our own copy of all the Google Doc Cloud Assignments. 

In all previous instances, this creates ONE folder in my google drive, where all the google docs are housed for that course. However, this year, I have all of my assignments (except one) in one folder, and a single assignment in another folder. So there are two identically named folders in my google drive, and assignments in both, instead of one.

Re-attaching the assignment with my backup copy of the google doc, and pushing out from the Blueprint, as well as removing any submission type, and reattaching the google doc from the backup results in reconnecting with the 2nd folder. 

Any ideas why this is occurring and how to make it stop?

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 2.46.14 PM.png

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