Canvas Data + Roll Call = ?

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Can Canvas Data access the granular attendance data created by Roll Call?

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Hi,  @snelson6 ​ -- I spent some time with your colleague, Annie Hoffman, at InstructureCon in July.  Actually, Roll Call data is not available through the API; and we do not use Canvas Data.  We had to do some fancy development work to be able to access the data but we've done it.  Here is what we can do for you:

  • We can automate the current process, so you no longer have to email Instructure, wait for a reply and download the spreadsheet.  We can deliver a file to your sFTP server on a daily basis.
  • We remove the restriction that you can only get 7 days' worth of data.  Our clients can get a report -- every day -- that gives all data going back as far as the beginning of the term.
  • For Dropout Detective clients, we display an "Attendance" screen that shows each student's attendance, total absences, most recent date of attendance and most recent absence.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me through our Alliance Partner - AspirEDU​ page, or via Annie.  Thanks!

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