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Hi all,

I'm an Instructional Coach and am starting a new school year. I went to pull up the Fast Track video series and see that they been pulled down. Does anyone know if those videos will be reposted? They are such a great resource! I'm crossing my fingers they come back.

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Thanks for alerting us to this. As this new platform is configured somewhat differently from the old one, not every piece of content found its way to its intended destination in the initial migration. Leslie's excellent Fast Track series is in the LMS Migration Strategies group, and the links are compiled here: Fast Track Series.

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Hey Aaron. 
These videos were produced in 2017 and we made the difficult decision to archive them because they are over 6 years old. We know they were popular and well liked, however they are not in the scope to be updated. 

There is a newer (2019) training course, Growing with Canvas, that has up to date content.  You can find it at 

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