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Canvas Free in China

I am teaching Chinese students at a university in China using Canvas Free.  I use Canvas Free pretty generically with out any add-ons.  Generally, it has worked well, though sometimes students have troubles accessing Canvas over their smartphones.  What experience are others having?  What risks do you see?

We could use Canvas through a university in the US that sponsors us.  Does anyone have an opinion whether Canvas Free would be better or worse than using Canvas through a US university to teach in China?

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Hi Michael,

I'm pretty sure that the free version of Canvas and your sponsors university's Canvas server are running on the same cloud-based servers, so I would not expect there to be much difference in terms of accessibility for Chinese students.  

The only real advantage you'd have going through your sponsor university is possibly some extra support/assistance for adding tools and troubleshooting problems.  However, the university may have its own limitations on who may have accounts or what courses may be created on the Canvas server.