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Canvas Global Navigation Menu Configuration

Wondering how to adjust the image displayed for a button on the Global Navigation Bar in Canvas.  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @perrien1 ...

The only icon that I know of which can be changed in the Canvas UI for the global navigation bar is the "Help" icon.  This is something a Canvas administrator at your school can change, and the information on how to change it can be found in this Guide: How do I customize the Canvas Help Menu for an acc... - Canvas Community.  I'm not sure if the other icons can be changed at all except through maybe some back-end coding.  But, like I said, I don't even know if this is this isn't my strong suit.  Keep in mind that if you were to change any of the icons in the global navigation menu, then those icons will not match to what the Guides here in the Community show.  So, there may be some confusion on what people are looking for in those Guides compared to what they see in your own Canvas environment.

I hope this will be helpful for you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks.  Take care, and be well.