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Hello Canvas Experts,

In Canvas gradebook I have selected the late policy to assign a ZERO% for all missing work (past due date).  Students tell me that once this "0" is applied the assignment no longer appears on their "To Do" list therefore they don't know it's missing/late.

When I remove the Zero% setting then students will see the assignment on their To Do list, but the canvas grade book ignores the missing assignment and doesn't show an accurate grade reduction.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


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When a grade has been assigned, Canvas no longer considers the assignment "to do" - it's now in the past.  This is why it disappears from To Do when you enable the penalty.  If you want to keep the penalty, you can tell students to look at their Grades page to see missing assignments.  Granted, it's not a reminder like To Do, but keeping it in To Do when it's been graded isn't consistent with what To Do is designed for.

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