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Canvas Hack: Ungraded Assignments

Some of our staff and faculty members have hit on some off-label uses of the "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade" option in Assignments, and I thought I'd share here:

  • For calculating grades in a fashion that is difficult or impossible for Canvas to calculate.
    • Set all assignments to "not count"
    • Create an "assignment" for "Final grade calculation" worth 100% of the course grade
    • At the end of the semester, download the Canvas grades spreadsheet, use Excel to apply your grading calculations, and upload the final grade to the Final Grade Calc "assignment"
  • To create quick-and-dirty groups/sections in the gradebook
    • Create an ungraded assignment called "Group"
    • Put the group number in the score field
    • You can now sort your gradebook by group
    • Many people find this faster and easier than creating actual sections if ALL they need to do is sort the gradebook for easy input of scores, and they are easier to update if a student moves from one rotation group to another
  • To show student honor code numbers visibly near their names and SIS IDs
    • Many of our faculty have students use their 4-digit honor code number on assignments instead of a name. Canvas does not have a place to store this as part of the students' profiles (so far as we know). So...
    • Create an ungraded, muted assignment
    • Put their 4-digit honor code in the "score" field
    • Now the gradebook appears to have name, SIS ID, and honor code as the first three columns.

In some cases, there are "official" ways to achieve similar goals in Canvas (especially sections), but these are easier and faster to implement for the DIY prof/staff person.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @emily , It appears that you have some pretty creative faculty because these are some great hacks of ungraded assignments! Thank you for sharing!